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West Virginia Apostille is a special kind of document and requires the shortest process of legalization.
An US apostille can be used if both countries (the country issuing the document and the country in which the document will be used) are part of the international (The Hague Convention)
Documents that are issued and have been certified
Apostille in a Hague Convention country are entitled to recognition in any other Hague Convention country without any further authentication.
Apostille (Countries that participated in the Hague Convention).

Office of Apostilles & Authentications:
West Virginia Apostille Services:
Our Services

We will certify the documents from the Chamber of Commerce.
We will certify the documents from the Circuit Court. 
We will certify the documents from the Secretary of State. 
We will authenticate the documents from the Department of State in Washington,D.c. We will legalize the documents from the Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Legal Documents Services. A Washington Travel Passport and Visa has over 7 years of experience providing fast, reliable, efficient and secure document authentication -
Legalization and Apostille Services.

24 hrs Apostille Services in West Virginia:
Please forward the completed requirements as detailed above to:
- Virginia Office:
HERNDON, VA. 20171-9998
PHONE: 1-703- 435-1422.

- Washington DC Office:
1629 "K" St Suite 300,
Washington, DC 20006.
PHONE: 1-202-234-4908.

a Washington travel and passport visa can help you obtain an apostille in all 50 states

Alabama . Alaska . Arizona . Arkansas . California . Colorado . Connecticut . Delaware . Florida . Georgia . Hawaii . Idaho . Illinois . Indiana . Iowa . Kansas . Kentucky . Louisiana . Maine . Maryland . Massachusetts . Michigan . Minnesota . Mississippi . Missouri . Montana . Nebraska . Nevada . New Hampshire . New Jersey . New Mexico . New York . North Carolina . North Dakota . Ohio . Oklahoma . Oregon . Pennsylvania . Rhode Island . South Carolina . South Dakota . Tennessee . Texas . Utah . Vermont . Virginia . Washington . West-Virginia . Wisconsin . Wyoming . Washington DC.


Apostille Authentication of notarized documents.

Accountants Examination application notarized.
Acting as Commissioner for taking affidavits.
Administering Oaths and affirmations.
Administering Solemn declarations.
Affidavit for a Lost Cheque oath administered.
Affidavit of Execution oath administered.
Affidavit of Identity oath administered. 
•-Affidavit of Service oath administered.
•-Affirmations administered.
•-Authentication of notarized documents.
•-Authenticity declarations notarized.
•-Bill of Sale notarized.
•-Certificate of Birth notarized.
•-Certification Copies of original documents.
•-Certification of government forms.
•-Certification of signatures.
•-Certified copies.
•-Certified Copy of court order.
•-Certify Proof of loss.
•-Certify Copy of Birth certificate.
•-Certify Identification copies.
•-Certify Consent to travel documents.
•-Certify Copies of Real estate documents.
•-Certify Government forms.
•-Certify Mortgage copies.
•-Certify photographs.
•-Certify Copies of powers of attorney.
•-Certify signatures.
•-Certify copy of forms.
•-Certify Real estate documents.
•-Certify Copy of diploma.
•-Change of Name application notarized.
•-Criminal records.
•-College of Physicians and Surgeons application notarized.
•-Commission of Forms and declarations.
•-Commission of licensing applications.
•-Commission of Single Status statutory declaration.
•-Commission of Statutory declarations.
•-Commissioner of oaths services.
•-Common Law Union Statutory declaration notarized.
•-CPA Examination application notarized.
•-Damaged passport - Statutory declaration.
•-Declarations notarized.
•-Declarations Taken & commissioned.
•-Degree - Certified copy.
•-Destroyed passport - Statutory declaration.
•-Drafting of Invitation letters.
•-Examination application notarized.
•-Examination declaration notarized.
•-Exemplification – Notarial certificate.
•-Health Card notarization.
•-Invitation Letter notarized.
•-Land Transfer Signing notarized.
•-Legalization of Documents at consulates.
•-Legalization of Notarized documents.
•-Letters of Invitation for a Canadian visit visa.
•-Licencing Application notarized.
•-Lost Passport Statutory declaration.
•-Marriage Certificate - Certified copy.
•-Marriage Certificate notarized.
•-Medical Examination application notarized.
•-Membership application notarized.
•-Mobile Notary public services.
•-Signing notarized.
•-New York Bar Exam application notarized.
•-Notarization - Negotiable instruments protested.
•-Notarization of applications.
•-Notarization of Automobile proof of loss.
•-Notarization of Birth Certificate.
•-Notarization of Certificate of identification.
•-Notarization of Certified copies.
•Notarization of Consent to travel documents.
•-Notarization of deeds.
•-Notarization of mCC Application.
•-Notarization of mortgage Documents.
•-Notarization of photographs.
•-Notarization of Power of attorney.
•-Notarization of Ship protests.
•-Notarization of signatures.
•-Notarization of Statutory declarations.
•-Notarization of Uniform CPA application.
•-Notarization of Waiver execution.
•-Notarization or Commission of proof of loss.
•-Notarize Job applications.
•-Notarize Proof of loss.
•-Notarize Birth certificates.
•-Notarize identification.
•-Notarize Certified copies.
•-Notarize Consent to travel letters.
•-Notarize Real Estate Deeds.
•-Notarize Government application forms.
•-Notarize mortgage forms.
•-Notarize photographs.
•-Notarize Powers of attorney. (That are already drafted).
•-Notarize signatures.
•-Notarize Statutory declaration.
•-Notarize Application forms.
•-Notarize Real Estate documents.
•-Notarize diplomas.
•-Notarizing acknowledgements.
•-Notarizing of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Application forms.
•-Notarizing of Real Estate documents.
•-Notarizing of Single Status statutory declaration.
•-Nurse Examination application notarized.
•-Obtaining Foreign Embassy stamp.
•-Obtaining Ontario Government document authentication.
•-Order - Notarized copy.
•-Parent Consent Letter notarized.
•-Passport applications.
•-Passport notarization.
•-Passport notarization.
•-Passport notarization.
•-Passport notarization.
•-Permanent Resident Card Application notarized.
•-Postgraduate Education Application notarized.
•-Preparation of Consent to Travel documents.
•-Preparation of Invitation Letters for Visitors visas.
•-Preparation of Statutory declarations.
•-Professional Applications notarized.
•-Providing Notarial certificates.
•-Release Signing notarized.
•-Single Status Affidavit notarized.
•-Solemn Declarations taken.
•-Statement of Live Birth notarized.
•-Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor notarized.
•-Swearing of Declarations.
•-Sworn Statement notarized.
•-True Copies notarized.
•-Unauthorized Transaction Declaration notarized.
Power of attorney.
Commercial invoices.
Birth death marriage and divorce certificates and more.
 Apostille - Registered Agent West Virginia state

Apostille in West Virginia - Legalization & Authentication